Congratulation to all shareholders who have exercised their Options to own our Public Listed shares. Shareholders who have exercised these Options are asked to login to their online account through our listed company website. Your Login Information, Username and Password have been couriered to your registered address. HK Six website will cease operation as a result of the successful listing of our new company. Thank you.

恭喜每位拥有我们公司上市股份的股东们。每位拥有上市股份的股东们都必须通过我们的上市公司网站登入到他们的在线帐户。 您个人的登入信息,用户名与密码已经快递至您的注册地址。由于我们新公司的成功上市,HK Six 网站会停止运营。谢谢。

恭喜每位擁有我們公司上市股份的股東們。每位擁有上市股份的股東們都必須通過我們的上市公司網站登入到他們的在線帳戶。 您個人的登入信息,用戶名與密碼已經快遞至您的註冊地址。由於我們新公司的成功上市,HK Six 網站會停止運營。謝謝。